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Virtual MOCA: Book Club
Virtual MOCA: Book Club

Virtual MOCA: Book Club


MOCA’s Virtual Book Club will provide readings and essays with discussion prompts to create a dialogue and open space for exploration and conversation.

This Sunday, we are featuring an essay from our 2017 exhibition Patrick Staff: Weed Killer, which has been made digitally available to read from home.

Access the essay here to read along and join the discussion!

Here are some prompts to consider while reading this catalogue:

  • How might the chemically induced devastation of chemotherapy illuminate the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals to take life-threatening risks to sustain their survival and others’?
  • In what other ways do self-determination and survival entail violence or illness?
  • How might Staff’s account of having a trans body change how we think about the relationship between our inner and outer selves and about our skin as a permeable boundary?

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