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Doug Aitken, Station to Station (still)

Doug Aitken, Station to Station (still), documentary feature film with 62 one-minute segments, 70 minutes

The Idea of Time


Los Angeles-based artists Liz Glynn and Aaron Koblin each explore the idea of time in their work. Glynn, who works in sculpture and performance, traces the circulation of objects across time, contemplating how historical narratives change shape, lose their edges, or develop new curves. Glynn considers how the past can serve as an object lesson for what form the future will take. Koblin is an artist, designer, coder, and entrepreneur specializing in data and digital technologies. As part of Doug Aitken’s 2013 project Station to Station, Koblin created Light Echoes, which collapsed space and time into images documenting the historical pulses of data in the form of light reflecting off earth and matter. Aitken will also be on hand to discuss the various intersections created by the idea of time in his, Glynn's, and Koblin’s work.

These talks are part of a series of in-gallery programs focusing on core ideas in the exhibition Doug Aitken: Electric Earth.

Priority seating is available to MOCA members one hour before the program. Fifteen minutes before the program begins seating will be open to non-members. Early arrival is recommended.

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