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Jennifer Saparzadeh, still from Nu Dem

​Jennifer Saparzadeh, Nu Dem (video still), 2017, 16mm film, running time: 9min, 7sec, courtesy of the artist



​SCREEN: HYSTERICAL DOCUMENT presents film and video works from Lida Abdul, Walid Raad, and Jennifer Saparzadeh that disrupt the moving image’s function as a documentary tool, articulating its inability to render an objective reality of political history. These works redefine narratives of survival, interrogating cinema’s representational role in the wake of geopolitical catastrophe. Abdul is a filmmaker whose work confronts the international and internal conflicts that have affected modern Afghanistan. Raad is a film-maker, archivist, and founder of the Atlas Group, an archive centered on the history of contemporary Lebanon. Saparzadeh is a filmmaker documenting the geographic and spiritual conditions of exile. SCREEN: HYSTERICAL DOCUMENT is organized by Nevin Kallepalli.