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Kelman Duran, To The North pt. II, 2016. Video(4K), Color, sound; 20:00 min runtime



A FULL SPECTRUM looks at the way artists map space. This video program points to the book postcolonial space(s), edited by G. B. Nalbantoglu and C. T. Wong, which begins “[The term postcolonial space] conveys both a negative moment that displays and displaces binary constructions and fixed categories and a positive one of a promise of becoming for new languages, new subject positions, and new modes of spatiality.” The artists in A FULL SPECTRUM blend classical narratives with intimate, personal stories offering unique views into the brilliant, complicated moments of life–of evanescence, conversation, technology, history, and family. Organized by Marco Kane Braunschweiler, this program's participating artists include Basma Alsharif, Chinonyeelu Uchechi Amobi, Kelman Duran, and Akram Zaatari.

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