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Open Class: Organ Work with Moriah Evans & Collaborators

Image credit: Documentation of Organ Work Practice at Performance Space New York. Photo by Maria Baranova. Performers L to R Lydia Okrent, Sarah Beth Percival, and Lizzie Feidelson

Open Class: Organ Work
with Moriah Evans & Collaborators

In conjunction with the performance, Remains Persist, Moriah Evans, together with her collaborators, offers two classes of Organ Work—free and open to all.

In the class, participants will be guided through a somatic practice of initiating movement from deep inside their body’s internal organs. To access their insides, participants are directed to prioritize the felt sensation of their flesh. Evans will instruct the group through a dancing methodology of five distinct energetic modalities—vibration, drawing, rhythm, displacement, and electrocution. Intrinsic to the somatic and choreographic practices within Remains Persist, Organ Work supports participants to feel, name and dance from the residue of information obscured within their bodies.

Organ Work—which emerged during the development of Evans’s previous works Figuring (2018, SculptureCenter, NY) and Configure (2018, The Kitchen, NY)—offers interested participants additional points of entry and means of further engaging with Remains Persist.

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