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Mercado MOCA

Graphic by Priscilla Hernandez.

Mercado MOCA

Bienvenidos to The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for a vibrant Spring afternoon filled with music, delicious food, and talented local vendors.

This program celebrates the richness of Latinx and Chicanx heritage and community, echoing the warmth of marketplaces and showcasing an array of handmade goods.

Mercado MOCA features:
Brute Tenacity, Cowgirl Vintage, Dangerzonezine, Earthy Corazon, Estudio Tova, Fl.our.pots, García Gardens Succs, Hecho By Caye, Jewelry by Blancs, La Kristen Virgen, Lavdacolorverde, Malcriada Coffee, Mariaguasfrescas, MarieannByMe, Mild Clothing, MI VIDA LOCA, OESTE, Happy Organics, Sarah Stesoros, Seedy, Sleepy Angelito, Starlina’s Closet, Wesharedpain, Wishful Thinking, Zealous Rabbit and more!

DJ Lineup:
11am-12pm Maiden Mexico
12pm-1pm Germface
1pm-2pm El Keamo
2pm-3pm Linda Nuves
3pm-4pm Neyva
4pm-5pm Tamara Itzel

El Keamo
El Keamo is the neocumbia project of Alfredo Gonzalez, a multimedia artist from Reseda, California.El Keamo draws inspiration from traditional latin rhythms and mixes them with the eclectic synthetic textures of the Los Angeles rave and electronic scene to create a sound that is modern and experimental. El Keamo's discography includes the dark electronic cumbia tones of 'Escalofrios', the club/sonidero vibes of 'El Tocayo', and the eclectic synthetic sounds of his debut self titled album "El Keamo". A seasoned performer, El Keamo has graced stages from Los Angeles to Mexico City and is set to expand his international footprint with performances in El Salvador, Japan, and Germany in 2024.

Sup y'all, My name is Danny Escalante aka Escaliente. South Central LA native with Mexican and Salvadoran roots. I’ve been playing music on and off since 2013. I fell back into it accidentally in 2022, when I met the homie Alex aka @JacuzziWater and he invited me over with maybe the 10 records I owned at the time. Since that point, it’s been a trip if I’m being honest. I’ve had the honor of being adopted by Maryann aka @QueMadre as one of the resident DJs for I Love Micheladas “First Fridays”. Come out to Mercado MOCA and say hi!

Hailing from the planet Saturn, Neyva is a multidisciplinary alien artist from outer space here to save the human race. Their music is vulnerable, futuristic, eclectic, experimental, and otherworldly, alongside their engaging stage presence.

In this lifetime, they’re self taught as well as in music programs since middle school. They were in and out of college, ultimately leading to them carving their own path through LA queer nightlife in 2019, and finally making their LA Pride debut in June 2023. They’re also a 2023 grantee recipient of the Rising Artist Foundation grant in which they were under the direction of Nicolas Jaar and had music released under his label Other People. They are currently a grantee recipient via ArtsLB in partnership with the Latino Equality Alliance.

They strive to cultivate their own musical universe by showing planet Earth a new perspective through their vision, carving their own path, collaboration, following their heart, pushing through internal/external adversity, being themselves, and most importantly, saving the world from musical and personal alienation.

Tamara Itzel
Tamara Itzel, "angelcement" is a Mexican American DJ. Earlier this year she took part in a residency at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. In LA she has played at Cafe Triste, Club Teegee, and General Lees. She has been featured on NTS and hosts a monthly show on Orange Radio. During her early teens, a relationship with music came about as she crafted playlists for her daily commutes on public transportation, shuttling between high school in the valley and her home in Boyle Heights.

Linda Nuves
The daughter of a Salvadoran band leader with a lineage of musicians, Linda is an advocate for arts in the community. She grew up uncovering her family history in music and excels in creative roles . For almost 2 decades she’s been immersed in the art scene in Los Angeles. Producing, promoting, hosting, participating and performing all over Los Angeles and beyond. She’s a vinyl collector, DJ, and singer who is no stranger to being on stage or on camera. Check her out on social media: @lindanuves

The gathering is inspired by the Getty Marrow Emerging Professionals pilot program, striving to provide enhanced opportunities for meaningful entry-level employment and mentoring in arts museums and nonprofits. This initiative is dedicated to fostering lasting arts careers for aspiring professionals from diverse and underrepresented groups in the arts.

This program is made possible with support from Getty through the Getty Marrow Emerging Professionals Pilot Program.