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Mental Health Practices by John San Juan
Mental Health Practices by John San Juan

Mental Health Practices by John San Juan: Session 4

Friday, May 21, 11:11am PST
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@moca from Crenshaw Dairy Mart's abolitionist pod (prototype)

Mental Health Practices: Session 4

Statement by John San Juan:
The last of the mental health sessions will be a guided soundbath. As humans in a modern society, our default mode is autopilot because we can’t cope with the effects of overthinking. This can often result in impulsive and regretful reactions to life and a debilitating sense of fear and other low vibrational emotions. The healing tones of a soundbath help to clear a busy mind and reconnect us to our body. Specific frequencies can improve brain function and restore the body’s natural ability to self-regulate. Receiving sound healing on a regular basis can greatly improve one’s sleep, unlock inspiration, and offer deep relaxation.

The guest for this session is Raea Brauer, a Certified Yoga Instructor and Sound Meditation Practitioner based in Los Angeles. She teaches group and private classes that are meant to restore and strengthen mind and body awareness for an increased quality of life. Entering adulthood without much direction was a struggle for Raea, and a regular yoga and meditation practice offered purpose and clarity around intention. After introducing Sound Healing into her practice, she began experiencing a deeper level of healing and transformation that can only be attributed to a heightened sense of self-awareness and peaceful liberation from anxiety and overthinking.

Artist Bio:
John San Juan teaches Vinyasa, Power, Bikram, and Iyengar yoga. He is also Reiki II activated and is a chakra energy instructor. John sees yoga as an ancient toolbox, and pulls from this toolbox modalities to help us find spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. His joyful and expressive way of teaching guides students to self-awakening. His dharma talks rooted in yogic philosophy hope to teach a literacy in self-realization.

After getting his Masters of Business from Cornell University, John did a life pivot from corporate America toward entrepreneurial wellness. Everyone who comes to the yoga mat is seeking. Whether better physical health, a mental health regimen, or want to deepen meditation practice, John guides with insight and heart.

John’s ultimate goal is to normalize mental health and bring yoga and meditation to communities of color. He teaches at Artha, a wellness sanctuary in West Hollywood, and leads a cannabis yoga tribe at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles. He also teaches to Amigays, a growing global Latin LGBTQ wellness community. He has a growing celebrity clientele.

“May joy be your guide. Well-being is the order the day.”

—John San Juan

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