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Don’t Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA Temporary Image 04

​Kori Newkirk, Modified Cadillac (Prototype #2), 1997, pomade and pigment on wall, 50 x 228 in. (127 x 579.1 cm), The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, gift of Barry Sloane

Kori Newkirk


Los Angeles–based artist Kori Newkirk discusses his Modified Cadillac (Prototype #2) (1997), on view now in the exhibition Don’t Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA. Mining the symbolism of prototype and stereotype, the work—a silhouette of a late 1970s or early 1980s Cadillac made by applying hair pomade and black pigment directly to the gallery wall—engages with the formal properties of its materials, the politics of identity, and Newkirk’s own personal history. This talk is part of a series of in-gallery programs focusing on artworks and ideas in Don’t Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA.