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International Whores’ Day 2023
International Whores’ Day 2023

IWD Health Fair
Sex Workers’ Health: From Surviving To Thriving

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Collective, in collaboration with SWOP LA, The Sidewalk Project, PASS Certified, KinkOut, Strippers United, The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, will celebrate International Whores Day by hosting a health fair at the The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA . The theme of this year’s event, “Sex Workers’ Health: From Surviving to Thriving,” is a twist on the usual protest meets celebration.

The health and safety-focused wellness and resource fair expands access to racially concordant, trauma, sex work, and LGBTQIA2S+ informed holistic practitioners, medical providers, and mental healthcare.

Information sharing, mental health referrals, Medicaid enrollment navigation, and mobile health clinics are interspersed with wellness activities, including yoga led by Thick Girl Yoga LA, a self-defense class with Vanessa Carlisle of Hooker’s Army, and a sound bath with Erotic Medusa. The afternoon will also feature pole dancing organized by Strippers United, and DJ sets from EthicalDrvgs, Ly Tran, Star Ah-Mer-Ah-Su, Succubus Tony, and Eva Myra May.

Over thirty vendors will be present at this year’s event, including St. John’s Transgender Health Program, Avril Heals, East LA Women’s Center, Fire & Flow Therapy, Total Testing Solutions, MPower, Trans Migrant Support CA, The Cupcake Girls, Sunday Faire, Templerotica, Pansey Esthetics, SWAID, evan mccrary, Stripper’s Co-op, MPower, East LA Women’s Center, and CAST-LA.

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Collective is a disabled, BIPOC, sex worker-led national human rights organization that provides financial assistance, peer-led education, labor advocacy and expands access to mental health services and medical care to marginalized people in the sex trades.

Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles (SWOPLA) is a peer support organization run by sex workers and for sex workers. Their mission is to pursue the human rights of sex workers to bodily autonomy, racial and social justice, and mutual liberation through outreach, education, mutual aid, and political advocacy.

The Sidewalk Project aims to be socially active and to empower houseless communities around the world. They push back against social stigma that reflects in government and amplify the voices and needs of the houseless community. They believe advocacy for houselessness is intersectional and relates to racial justice, public health funding, rights of sex workers & drug users, LGBTQ rights, street sweeps, housing, and defunding of police.

PASS Certified is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and safety of adult industry workers and provides occupational clearance and contact tracing for the adult industry.

Kink Out brings intersecting communities together. As an ever-evolving container, Kink Out is a performance platform, ritual space, screening room, art collaboration, panel discussion, BDSM club, rally, call to action, tattoo studio, art auction, and fundraiser for communities most affected by the injustice of censorship, criminalization, and demonization of our lives and livelihoods.

Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs is organized by Alex Sloane, Associate Curator, and is produced by Amelia Charter, Producer of Performance and Programs, with Brian Dang, former Programming Coordinator, and Michele Huizar, Programming Assistant, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Wonmi's WAREHOUSE Programs is founded by Wonmi & Kihong Kwon and Family.