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Grand Ave Arts: All Access

Grand Ave Arts: All Access 2018. Photo by Vanessa Crocini. 

Grand Ave Arts: All Access

All Ages

Celebrate Grand Ave Arts: All Access’s fifth year with free museum admission, activities for the whole family, food and drink, and a special screening to celebrate Merce Cunningham’s centennial. Dance Camera West presents a selection of short films made by The Merce Cunningham Company highlighting Cunningham’s legendary work as a choreographer and filmmaker as part of a citywide event taking place at USC, UCLA, and CalArts.

Join the MOCA Education team to play with concepts of color, design, mood, form, and texture in response to With Pleasure: Pattern and Decoration in American Art 1972–1985. Combining elements and layering bold patterns on top of each other, new and complex images emerge that change the look and meaning of the individual parts. Using gift wrap, sealing stickers, origami paper, and colorful scrapbook sheets, participants will construct a large, communal artwork, as well as individual pieces to take home.

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