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Grand Ave Arts: All Access Image

Grand Ave Arts: All Access 2015, photo by Jamie Pham

Grand Ave Arts: All Access 2016

All Ages

Los Angeles is a playground for arts and culture, and Grand Avenue is its epicenter. For the second year in a row, Grand Ave Arts invites all to explore, be curious, pop in, and choose their own adventures with more than 10 participating cultural institutions along Grand Avenue. All events are free and open to the public. For more information and programing details, visit

MOCA Grand Avenue will provide free admission to the galleries all day, and gallery tours of the museum’s permanent collection devoted exclusively to contemporary art.

Curate LA
MOCA also welcomes Curate LA who will present Here, a generative digital installation by Alex Benzer and Shelley Holcomb (Curate LA) that conflates participants' own bodies with Los Angeles geography, icons, and symbols. The piece, housed in MOCA's Ahmanson Auditorium, interacts with viewers to express our collective role in defining our cultural identity. On view from 10am to 5pm.

NTS Radio
NTS Radio DJs will broadcast live music and special performances with three sets throughout the day on MOCA’s outdoor plaza. DJs include Tre Jenkins, Jonny Mons, and Whits & Giggles.

PHHHOTO, the social network for creative youth culture, will bring the PHHHOTO VVVAN to MOCA Grand Avenue. Capable of producing 1000’s of moving images per hour, THE VVVAN is the fastest way to make and share culture moments from events both online and offline.