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Black Radical Imagination Image

Terence Nance, still from SWIMMING IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN, 2015, HD video, image courtesy of the artist 

Black Radical Imagination


Black Radical Imagination is a touring program of experimental short films emphasizing new stories from within the African diaspora. The series builds on futurist, surrealist, and magical realist artistic movements to interrogate identity in the context of cinema.

Black Radical Imagination is curated by Erin Christovale and Amir George. Participating artists include Ephraim Asili, Ja’ Tovia Gary, Amir George, Lauren Kelley, Terence Nance, and Cauleen Smith.

The program includes an online screening at, the schedule is included at, and below.

Black Radical Imagination Online Screening Program

March 18–24: Ja’Tovia Gary, CAKES DA KILLA: NO HOMO, 2013
March 25–31: Amir George, Just a Place, 2014
April 1–7: Lauren Kelley, Burlap Interior, 2013
April 1–7: Lauren Kelley, Froufrou Conclusions, 2011
April 8–14: Ephraim Asili, Many Thousands Gone, 2015
April 22–29: Terence Nance, Swimming in Your Skin Again, 2015