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Anna Maria Maiolino Installation View 20

Installation view of Anna Maria Maiolino, August 4, 2017–January 22, 2018 at MOCA Grand Avenue, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, photo by Brian Forrest

Anna Maria Maiolino: Solitário ou Paciência (Solitaire or Patience)


​Created by Anna Maria Maiolino as the centerpiece of a 1976 exhibition, Solitário ou Paciência (Solitaire or Patience) was a performance in which the artist sat silently at a table playing the game of solitaire. Maiolino’s version of this classic card game was anomalous in that her deck remained purposefully incomplete, making the game impossible to win and turning a quintessential pastime into an embodiment of personal and political stasis. The work will be re-performed by Rebeca Hernandez on the occasion of Anna Maria Maiolino.