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Nov 25 2015

​On October 23, Ai Weiwei posted on Instagram: "In September Lego refused Ai Weiwei Studio's request for a bulk order of Legos to create artwork to be shown at the National Gallery of Victoria as "they cannot approve the use of Legos for political works."

This triggered a flood of responses on social media criticizing Lego for "censorship and discrimination" by refusing Ai Weiwei's order. Thousands of anonymous supporters offered to donate their used Legos to Weiwei.

In response to the overwhelming enquiries about donating used Legos, Weiwei posted on Instagram: “In response to Lego’s refusal and the overwhelming public response, Ai Weiwei has now decided to make a new work to defend freedom of speech and 'political art'. Ai Weiwei will announce the project description and Lego collection points in different cities.”

MOCA has joined the list of collection points for Ai Weiwei’s Lego project. Donations will be accepted through the sunroof of a BMW 5S Series sedan parked outside of The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. 

Contribute #LEGOSFORWEIWEI and receive free admission to the museum, inquire at the ticket desk with a MOCA Visitor Services Representative.

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