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Cameron Rowland, D37, courtesy of the artist
Cameron Rowland, D37, courtesy of the artist

Cameron Rowland

“It has been through all the phases of decline and is now thoroughly blighted. Subversive racial elements predominate; dilapidation and squalor are everywhere in evidence. It is a slum area and one of the city's melting pots. There is a slum clearance project under consideration but no definite steps have as yet been taken. It is assigned the lowest of ‘low red’ grade.”

Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, Residential Security Map.
Location: Bunker Hill
Security Grade: 4th
Area No.: D37
Date: 2/27/39

Curator: Lanka Tattersall
Curatorial Assistant: Rebecca Lowery

Generous support is provided by the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

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