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Andy Warhol: Shadows Installation View 04

Installation view of Shadows, September 20, 2014 – February 15, 2015 at MOCA Grand Avenue, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, photo by Brian Forrest

Andy Warhol: Shadows

In 1978-79 Andy Warhol produced Shadows, a monumental, 102-part series of silkscreened canvases. The work's internal compositions are culled from photographs of shadows taken in The Factory, the artist's New York City studio. In Shadows, Warhol extended his long-standing interest in seriality and repetition while forgoing the cultural icons and commodity forms that most often populate his art. MOCA's presentation will feature the full collection of paintings from Dia Art Foundation. Installed edge to edge, the series of abstract panels-once referred to by Warhol as "disco decor"-create a haunting, environmental ensemble.