The trustees of The Museum of Contemporary Art are self-elected representatives of the public interest, and fiduciaries of the institution's resources. As such, their primary role is to encourage the realization of the museum's opportunities to present a quality program in contemporary art and culture to its diverse constituencies.

Maurice Marciano, Co-Chair
Lilly Tartikoff Karatz, Co-Chair
Fred Sands, President
Eugenio Lopez, Vice Chair
Lillian Lovelace, Vice Chair
Maria Seferian, Vice Chair

Clifford J. Einstein, Chair Emeritus
David G. Johnson, Chair Emeritus
Dallas Price-Van Breda, President Emeritus
Jeffrey Soros, President Emeritus

Wallis Annenberg
John Baldessari
Mark Bradford
Peter M. Brant
Steven A. Cohen
Charles L. Conlan II
Kathi B. Cypres
Laurent Degryse
Ariel Emanuel
The Honorable Eric Garcetti*
Susan Gersh
NancyJane Goldston
Laurence Graff
Mark Grotjhan
Michael Harrison*
Bruce Karatz
Barbara Kruger
Wonmi Kwon
Daniel S. Loeb
Edward J. Minskoff
Steven T. Mnuchin
Catherine Opie
Victor Pinchuk
Heather Podesta
Carolyn Powers
Steven F. Roth
Darren Star
Sutton Stracke
Cathy Vedovi
Philippe Vergne*
Christopher Walker
Council President Herb J. Wesson, Jr.*
Orna Amir Wolens

Eli Broad, Founding Chairman
Betye Monell Burton
Blake Byrne
Lenore S. Greenberg
Audrey Irmas
Frederick M. Nicholas
Tom Unterman