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Toba Khedoori

Untitled (Seats)


Toba Khedoori’s works are large-scale paintings on paper that depict immediately recognizable objects such as fences, walls, stairs, or houses. Often taking up the entire surface of the wall, her works envelop the viewer not only in their scale but also in the variety of texture—hairs, dust, rubbings from the artist’s hands or clothing, and other detritus—present within their large fields. For Untitled (Seats), Khedoori depicted a tightly grouped mass of empty seats, like those of a theater or auditorium. She employs a perspective that locates the viewer very precisely in relationship to the subject. As one’s eye traverses the image, hovering centrally in the space of the vast field that surrounds it, a sense of imperfection and irregularity begins to emerge as the drawing recedes in space. From foreground to background, the manner in which Khedoori tilts and flattens the grouping of seats causes the image to be read almost as an abstraction.

Toba Khedoori (b. 1964, Sydney, Australia; lives and works in Los Angeles)
Untitled (Seats), 1996
Oil and wax on paper
127 x 300 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Purchased with funds provided by Lenore S. Greenberg and Laura-Lee Woods

I think that I am in a position to see different and even contradictory things about one idea, and integrate them into my work, sometimes intuitively and sometimes consciously. —Toba Khedoori

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