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Rachel Harrison

I’m No Monkey


Rachel Harrison’s distinctive practice both critically examines and openly plays with sculpture’s fundamental properties, conventions, subjects, and history. The title of I’m No Monkey refers to a 2005 campaign to eliminate books on evolution from public libraries. The sculpture includes seemingly incongruous yet associative elements: a plastic skull decorated with a wig and tiara, drinking straws stuck into one eye socket, sits on a wood pedestal. Alongside it, a concrete-encrusted form that bears resemblance to a toppling stack of books is balanced by a bulbous protrusion formed by another skull. The integration of these disparate parts does not unify or comfortably connect them; rather, it emphasizes their collision and confrontation as dislocated cultural objects.

Rachel Harrison (b. 1966, New York; lives and works in New York)
I’m No Monkey, 2005
Wood, polystyrene, cement, acrylic, encaustic, plastic skulls, wig, and tiara
85 x 35 x 26 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Purchased with funds provided by Carol and David Appel

I’m no monkey. —Rachel Harrison

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