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Chiho Aoshima

City Glow


Chiho Aoshima evokes the stylistic conventions of 18th-century Japanese scroll painting in creating her large-scale digital prints. Her fantastical landscapes populated by alien wildlife and children with saucer eyes, represent both utopian and apocalyptic visions. City Glow, Aoshima’s first animation work, is a natural extension of her illustration-based practice. Over the course of the work’s seven-minute cycle, a universe unfolds across five wall-mounted plasma screens, enveloping the viewer in an urban nighttime scene dense with willowy anthropomorphic office towers and jungle foliage and populated with nymphs and other fantastical creatures.

Chiho Aoshima (b. 1974, Tokyo; lives and works in Tokyo)
City Glow, 2005
Five-channel DVD installation
Dimensions variable
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Partial and promised gift of Rosette Delug

My work feels like strands of my thoughts that have flown around the universe before coming back to materialize. —Chiho Aoshima

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