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Mark Grotjahn

Untitled (three-tiered perspective)


Typical of Mark Grotjahn’s work, Untitled (three-tiered perspective) is based on both conceptual criteria and random selection. Comprising three vertically stacked rectangular sections of canvas, each containing a row of converging polychromatic stripes whose colors were chosen at random, the work evokes a filmstrip, with each “still” depicting a landscape receding toward the horizon.

Mark Grotjahn (b. 1968, Pasadena, California; lives and works in Los Angeles)
Untitled (three-tiered perspective), 1997
Oil and linen on board
60 x 48 in.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Purchased with funds provided by the Curatorial Discretionary Fund

I wanted to come up with some certain abstraction, like a certain graphic form that I could stick with and see how far within that system I could go. I did a whole bunch of different abstractions and this is the one that for me just felt the most interesting and is the one I tried to push. —Mark Grotjahn

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