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Support MOCA’s Annual Fund Today

“You should have grandiose ideas about your future success.”

– Kerry James Marshall

​Imagine a mom walking into MOCA with her 4-year old daughter. It’s one of their favorite places to visit together in Los Angeles, a place the mom often visited when she was young. Upon entering the building, they are welcomed by a Visitor Services Representative who hands the ­daughter a MOCA Family Guide. They are encouraged to look, draw, write about their findings, and explore the works together as a family in the galleries. Upon completing the activity set, the pair receives a pass to visit MOCA again, perhaps planting the seed for the young girl’s future as an artist, educator, philanthropist, activist, or writer.

​MOCA is a place of togetherness, discussion, progress, and refuge—a place where we enjoy the very best in art, culture, and shared human values, where artists show us the world we have constructed in all its complexity and beauty. MOCA is a museum where any young child can see herself, her family, and her community in works by artists from various backgrounds including Arthur Jafa, Kahlil Joseph, Anna Maria Maiolino, Kerry James Marshall, Laura Owens, Jackson Pollock, Adrián Villar Rojas, Andy Warhol, and Haegue Yang.

At MOCA, we offer you the world inside our galleries. We strive to bring together a diversity of cultures and artistic practices, not only through the processes of collecting, curating, and commissioning, but also through programs and performances that activate the life of the museum. We promote multi-sensory engagement with art and culture in hopes that we can offer visitors a richly textured and inclusive experience that captures the fullness of our world. The narrative of contemporary art is ever-evolving at MOCA, and we honor our mission “to question and adapt to the changing definitions of art.”

This November and December, I hope you will consider a generous gift to MOCA’s annual fund. Your support will allow us to continue to present significant works of art that change individual lives and foster connections across communities.


Philippe Vergne
Maurice Marciano Director