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Due to COVID-19, MOCA is temporarily closed. More information.

Virtual MOCA

For Families

Welcome, families! Join us monthly for inclusive, hands-on art-making workshops especially for families.  Find past programs and project ideas below!

Upcoming Programs:
SUNDAYS, 1-1:30pm
January 24
February 21
March 21
April 18

To register, please email:

Education at MOCA courtesy of Terri and Michael Smooke. Additional support provided by The Hearst Foundations, Blum & Poe, and Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation.

Mark Dion

This program engages Mark Dion's joyful bedroom installation When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Toys 'R' U.S.), which recreates a childhood bedroom, complete with dinosaur sheets, wallpaper, and posters.

Victor Estrada

This program engages Victor Estrada's charming sculpture Happiness, which reflects about identity and the experience of living in two cities.

Do-Ho Suh

This program engages Do Ho Suh's evocative piece Seoul Home/L.A. Home/New York Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home/L.A. Home, which meditates on the ideas of longing, memories, and home.